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The Tree & The Mountain

​ Written just now spontaneously Having Tea with my friend The Tree… WHO NOW IS THIS TINY TREE That stands here before me Along with its crooked cousin So lacking perfect symmetry? Two always watching sentries  Guard against all enemies It stands tall upon on a hill  Watching over a Mountain Range Quite strange  The mountain needs a sentry Outside its serene and empty entry Or perhaps it just needs a viewer And just can't resist the lure to say: "This is me, Tree,  Don't you see My great expanse fills your view! Don't you see, it’s just Me and You (and the Sky Blue) But I'm the Vaster of us Two.” The Tree feels small for a little while  Then says with a crooked smile "Oh Mighty Mountain I hear your call You're the Vastest of them all.  But without this mere little Tree To whom would you say, "Look here at Me"? My view is Vast my Horizons Everlast  While all you see, is poor little me Which of us lives more free?  And one day when I finally fall Y

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