Your(e) Light

You are the light 

As the first ray of sun pierces through the curtains, and wake from nothingness, you are born once again. You’re the aperture though which the universe is looking at itself, while playing the great cosmic game. After all, it would be quite boring to be a universe with nothing to do. Might as well explode in a Big Bang and see what happens. And so, first there was Logos, the Word, the primordial Om, and because of that vibration, luckily, You happened. When you opened your eyes the universe looked at itself, and said, Let there be Light. One day you know, but no one really believes it deep inside, that they’ll sleep and never wake up. What does it feel like to fall asleep and never wake up? It’s one of those questions children ask themselves before they’re taught not to. Well, what does it feel like to wake up, never having gone to sleep. 

That’s what birth is, after all. We suddenly woke up, through we had never fallen asleep. 

We only know darkness, because we know light, and only know light, because we know darkness. I have a friend who has been blind since birth and he has no idea what darkness means, the concept is as incomprehensible as trying to explain to a fish that lives in water what water is. Presumably, it would not be able to understand that which permeates everything, as we cannot comprehend in turn, that which permeates everything in our own world. 

Light exists because of our concept of darkness. With no eyes to see, and discern light from darkness, the very concept of light isn’t valid. Without you, there is no light. 

This harks to the wave-particle duality in the double slit experiment which shows particles acting like waves when unobserved, and particles when observed. This caused a major psychological dilemma with Einstein, who called it “spooky action at a distance”. He famously told a colleague in frustration “This means when I look away, does the Moon not exist?” It’s interesting that he soon started a spiritual practice and a belief in God.

Sharik Currimbhoy Ebrahim 

30th March, 2022


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