We are part Angel part animal

A little Sunday theological philosophy

Humans are a combination of animal and angel, shaked not stirred

Eden, as I understand was on a mountain. While it doesn't explicitly say so in the bible, since there was a river flowing down that then split into four it must have topographically been an elevated place, a midpoint between heaven and earth. Part of the beauty of being human is the hybrid nature we posses. While we're part of the animal kingdom, but there's a quantum leap between (most of) us and animals. 

God gave angels wings to float down, when we need a gentle little hand. And on what else could angels float but Rauch Adorai, the divine breath of God, the same breath that gave us life. And if we were communing with angels, would not some of the breath of God blow onto us as well. And if God is the infinite, wouldn't the strength of his breath intertwine the angel floating on his breath and the human. Wouldn't the gentle strength of his divine breath blow a little angel into us. And therefore, aren't we just a little bit animal, little bit Angel, a mix known as Man. 

 - India


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