YOU can use IBM’s Quantum Computer for Free

Fraunhofer is monetizing Quantum Computing by getting free time on IBM's Quantum Computer cloud platform and reselling it packaged with education. (Interesting fact, the QC Processor is kept in a dilution chamber at 0.15 Kelvin. Space is 4 Kelvin, so several factors colder than space, but several factors warmer than Putin's heart)

They already have 180 partners with 40 startups with use cases in cryptography, simulations of biological ecosystems like protein folding, prediction algorithms such as war games, financial markets etc. Some like Fraunhofer are nodes that redistribute and bring in more players into the ecosystem. Aparna Prabhakar who works out of California is in charge of their partnerships such as the one with Fraunhofer. 

They also have a partnership with the govt of Japan to study four areas: 1. Research & Development in Japan of Quantum as a strategic industry. 2. Creating a supply chain that from its nacency takes into account supply chain issues due to political conflict 3. Creating a workforce as quantum is coming but there isn't enough of a Quantum empowered workforce. 4. Create new partnerships for practical use cases. 

It seems to me that with a very high probability QC will make the efficient market hypothesis a reality by 2029 by creating a time bound opportunity for Quant Funds to take out market inefficiencies in real time.

We are now months, predicted 36-48, away from the "Quantum Advantage" where complex simulations, for example the ones from the James Webb which took over a month of processing power to get us the most basic images, will be done in seconds or will only be possible using Quantum Systems. Simulations of natural  systems which are based on quantum mechanics requires Quantum Computing. You need quantum stuff (virtual) to properly predict the outcomes of Quantum Stuff (real). We get real "It's" from quantum"qbits".

The most important use case currently is neurology as current AI/ML is being modelled on the human brain, which in turn makes the QC and ML more accurate at its analysis of neurology which creates a positive feedback loop. An interesting positive externality is that most neurological disorders are being solved along the way as a byproduct of the race towards the commercial uses of QC, since study of the brain is fundamental to the basic structure of ML. The founder of Palm Pilot, Jeff Hawkins started two parallel companies, Nuementa (sp?) which formulated the "memory-prediction-framework" of how the brain works, and the functioning of cortical columns in the neocortex so that they map the relative location of sensation in three dimensions rather than two. His second company uses the research of Nuementa for commercial machine learning applications of the research

I consider The Thousand Brains theory essential reading for everyone in every domain because future computational methodologies are being built on neuroscience. It took me a minute to really understand it from its primary sources and  so have written a one page summary from my notes which you can read HERE.

There's already a nomenclature around this: 

"Quantum Natives" are those who learnt Quantum Computing as main their native language. Quantum Computing is more akin to analog than digital. Current programmers are used to thinking in linear digits bits, where QC programming is conceptually in a multi -dimensional analogue space. 

"Quantum Noobs" ("QN's")
The analogy is that Traditional Programmers are used to thinking of the world in a digital 2D Cartesian plane. Their training is in rigid conditional layers. Quantum Computing is like thinking of the problem in an analogue non-cartesian spatial 4D coordinate  system. QN's often have use cases that map from their domains to the relevant capabilities of QC. 

Noobs need Natives. Noobs also need to understand enough to ask Natives the right questions. Pro tip: Be a Noob, think like a native. 

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are.

PS: Real "It's" can come from virtual qbits. Think about that for a second. 

And now I see with eye serene, 
The very pulse of the machine; A Being breathing thoughtful breath, A Traveller between life and death

+ I. C. Ebrahim 



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