My Gold Haired Girl

He shot an arrow into the air
It landed far, he knew not where
It flew beyond this tiny world
Into the next one 
Death unfurled 

Through the heart of a little girl
With skin soft and white as pearls
Who's dress was stained blood red
As her parents looked on 
Struck by dread
Seeing their 
little girl
            lying dead. 

But Why! Said the weeping mother
With pain and cries like no other
She looked upon the sky above
And said God, where is thy love?
That was my little girl!
With golden locks and little curls
How dare you be so unfair
To my baby With the golden hair!
Not knowing her girl with the golden hair
Was an Archer in another world
In this one her golden haired girl. 

She tore the arrow from her breast
And shot it in the air, her best 
She shot the arrow in the air
It landed far she knew not where 
For it flew with such swift might
it’s flight was no match for sight. 

It landed in the next next life 
Into a man gentle frail and slight
Never known a day of spite
He gazed into the heavens above
And thanked the Lord for the eternal Love
And wings sprouted from his back
For our sins, he took the flack

Said, Lord please forgive
For they know not what they do
This Arrow our secret 

Just me and you

-- India C. Ebrahim 


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